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Practice Areas

The Law Offices of Kirk B. Freeman focuses on commercial litigation in the following areas:

General Business Disputes

Breach of contract, unpaid debts, etc.

Business Torts

Fraud, unfair competition and Business & Professions Code claims

Real Estate

Breach of purchase agreements, commercial landlord-tenant and commission disputes


Representation of employers and high income employees

Insurance Coverage Disputes

Representation of insureds who have been denied coverage by their insurance companies

Intellectual Property

Trade secrets, copyright and trademark infringement, and patent ownership

Securities Law

Claims under state and federal law

Disputes Amongst Business Entity Owners

Representation of owners of corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships

28 U.S.C. ยง 1782 & Enforcement of Foreign Judgments

The Law Offices of Kirk B. Freeman is a founding member of the International Litigation Network, believed to be the only network of law firms dedicated to representing litigants in section 1782 (discovery/evidence-taking for use before foreign or international tribunals) proceedings and proceedings to enforce non-US judgments. The International Litigation Network was established in 2007.

Other Services

The Law Offices of Kirk B. Freeman, on a selective basis, will represent plaintiffs on a contingency fee basis in the above described and other areas of the law, such as personal injury, in large damages cases.

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